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'HanuMan' Vs 'Adipurush': Why is nobody blaming Prabhas?


With the VFX of 'HanuMan' being viewed as superior to that of 'Adipurush' by many, director Om Raut has been heavily trolled on social media. Prabhas' fans themselves are involved in this trolling so passionately. Their contention is that director Prasanth Varma has achieved phenomenal quality with a budget of Rs 25 Cr, while Om Raut failed to get even the basics of VFX right even though the budget of 'Adipurush' was hundreds of crores.

If you want to blame Om Raut, you have to be ready to acknowledge that Prabhas, too, has to take some blame. A film's budget is a function of several factors. Is it possible that 'Adipurush' might have turned out to be a better film in terms of visual quality had Prabhas demanded less fee? If the argument is that Prabhas' fee was reasonable, what about his sense of judgement? Why did he trust someone like Raut, who had not made a single VFX-heavy movie with a VFX-heavy movie whose budget was hundreds of crores?

Any which way you look at it, Prabhas deserves some blame. Scapegoating Om Raut is so easy and convenient. But the truth is that a film is many things rolled into one. Raut may be an incompetent filmmaker, but Prabhas is an unintelligent actor that way. What stopped Prabhas from raising the red flag when some silly lines were written in the film? What stopped Prabhas from declining a script that narrated the Ramayana in a linear, unimaginative fashion?

The intelligence of actors is barely discussed in Telugu cinema. In Hindi, when Aamir Khan was doing films like 'Lagaan' and 'Dil Chahtha Hain', everyone was talking about his sense of judgement. In Telugu cinema, some actors make a series of wrong choices and yet all blame is placed on directors and/or producers.