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'Shivam Bhaje' Teaser Review: Routine elements, loud tone


'Shivam Bhaje' is the title of 'Raju Gari Gadhi' fame Ashwin Babu's upcoming movie. Its Teaser aka First Cut is out.

Director Apsar has relied on routine elements like the angry divine and preordained heroism to maximize the impact. An Aghora-like character says, "Lord Shiva Himself has penned the doom of the enemies (at the hands of Shekar, the hero)." Is this another low-end, uncreative copy of the 'Akhanda' spirit? In the recent flop 'Harom Hara', too, we saw how Lord Subrahmanyam's imagery was invoked to heighten the impact. In the absence of gripping writing, the sacralization didn't work with the audience.

Not every hero would look heroic just because divinity is invoked. He can do gymnastics in the action scenes amid the chants of Sanskrit 'mantras' in the background but, if he lacks a suitable persona, the impact is going to be muted.

Ashwin Babu had pinned hopes on 'Hidimbha', which turned out to be a dud. 'Shivam Bhaje' is his final big bet. If it doesn't go well, it will be tough for him.