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1 is not a copy of any Hollywood film - Sukumar


Superstar Mahesh Babu’s ‘1’ is an action thriller, made in a Hollywood style. Director Sukumar portrayed Mahesh in a never seen before looks and character. He is also introducing a fresh face Kriti Sanon as heroine and Mahesh’s son Gautham as child artist. Devisri Prasad’s music has topped the chart-buster already. This 14 Reels Entertainment’s prestigious film with a tagline ‘Nenokkadine’ is hitting 1250 theaters across Andhra Pradesh and around 1500 theaters worldwide tomorrow, January 10th, 2014. On this occasion, Sukumar shared his views about the film in a chit chat with the media last evening. Here are few excerpts:

Sukumar Interview on 1

1 is an action thriller
‘1’ is a thriller movie with commercial elements.  This film will witness all the elements that is required for a star hero.  At the same time the film will surprise the audience with few unexpected things.  But don’t imagine too much about the film.  Just come to theaters, relax and watch.  You will definitely experience the thrill.

There will be repeat audience to theaters
I designed this film keeping Mahesh’s superstar image and his fans in mind.  The audience will enjoy the movie each time they watch the film.  I’m confidently saying that there will be repeat audience for the film because ‘1’ is an emotional thriller.

1 is not a copy of any Hollywood film
I prepared the story of ‘1’ keeping Mahesh in mind.  I had gone to Goa to narrate the story to him but a loud TV volume disturbed me so much that I couldn’t concentrate well.  So I expected one more sitting.  But within half an hour Mahesh phoned me and asked the details of heroine and technicians.  At that time only I’ve understood that he got connected with the content.  That’s how this film began.  I completely own this story. It’s not a copy of any Hollywood film.

I found Mahesh's childhood character in Gautham
Mahesh Babu’s son Gautham played young Mahesh in ‘1’.  Before finalizing him for the character of young Mahesh, we searched for several kids.  One fine day when I went to Mahesh’s house, I saw him falling down while playing.  While I was about to lift him up, Mahesh stopped me saying that he will get up by himself.  Gautham too waited for a while to see if his dad would come and lift him up.  At that juncture, I found Mahesh’s childhood character in Gautham.  So I shared the same with Mahesh.  Even though he was not sure if he would fit into the role, later he agreed to give it a try.  That’s how Gautham started to attend shootings. Interestingly, he too, like his father followed the same habit of asking the director to explain the scene. When I used to explain the scene, he would ask me if it’s a happy scene or a sad scene.  I was amazed at his perception.

Mahesh hasn't removed his shirt to show off his six packs
Mahesh hasn’t removed his shirt to show off his six packs.  His naturally fit body is aptly suitable to this film.  So we just utilized and portrayed it in such a way that it gives the six packs feel.

Entertainment is to make the audience glued to their seats
Entertainment in this film is to make the audience glued to their seats and not the comedy.  The sad scenes in this film also provide entertainment.  Here we just need to ensure that the audience will get connected with the feel in the story.

I want to introduce more technicians to the industry
My assistants are coming out with good stories. So I wanted to encourage them by producing films under their direction. I want to introduce more technicians to the industry.  I’ll announce my first production venture shortly.

NTR liked the point I narrated 
My next movie will be with NTR.  I narrated a point to him.  It’s a different film in his style only.  I will develop the story in a way that the fans and audience will accept it.

Updated on April 24, 2020