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Interview of Vishwak Sen about 'Paagal'


Vishwak Sen awaits the release of 'Paagal' on May 1. In this interview, the 'HIT' actor talks about the film, why he is not doing 'HIT 2' and more.

Last year, the lockdown was imposed soon after 'Paagal' was launched. It was Rana Daggubati who gave the first clap. Incidentally, his 'Virata Parvam' and 'Paaga' are releasing in the same weekend. Rana told me we should cross-promote our respective movies.

The theatrical trailer for our movie will be screened only in theatres. This is how it used to be done in an earlier era. Only theatres used to screen the trailers of movies. We are bringing back the old trend.

I will be traversing almost all districts in the Telugu States to promote 'Paagal'. The recently-released trailer has got a very good response from the audience. The trailer, to be released soon, will show more.

There are three songs in the movie. All of them, composed by Radhan, are superb. Director Naresh Kuppili, despite being a newcomer, has done a nice job.

There will be three releases featuring me in the lead this year. I am teaming up with PVP garu and BVSN Prasad garu, the producers.

All my three films have been different from each other. 'Paagal' says that some people in love think like mad people! I usually listen to a story with the idea of saying 'no'. I don't get convinced so easily. But 'Paagal' impressed me instantly. It was supposed to be completed before 'HIT'. Due to some reasons, 'HIT' happened first.

'Paagal' is an extremely emotional film as much as it is a comedy. There is a bit of Sukumar, a bit of Mani Ratnam and a bit of Puri Jagannadh. It's a novel commercial film with respect to how the conflict plot point unfolds, how the climax is told, etc.

After the lockdown, it's like a new beginning for a lot of us. We have to prove ourselves all over again. Only if a film is solid will it click with the audience.

If an idea excites me, I get into writing. I will hopefully be writing something next year. I recently stumbled upon an idea.

My film 'Project Gami' is a classic adventure drama. We have shot the film in different locations. You will see a lot of CG work in it.

Updated on March 29, 2021