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Vishwak Sen on 'Ori Devuda' and his upcoming movies


'Ori Devuda' hits the cinemas this Friday (Oct 21). In this interview, Vishwak Sen talks about the remake, his character in it, working with Ashwath Marimuthu, the presence of actor Venkatesh, his upcoming movies, and more.

'Ori Devuda' is an expression we break into when we are surprised, sad or happy. It's a universal term. That's why we chose the title.

Producer PVP garu felt that the director of the Tamil original should direct the remake so that there is no scope for screwing up. The Telugu version has got many changes. There is a rain song, which is not there in Tamil. Things that the director couldn't do in Tamil have been done here.

Venkatesh garu was the first choice for the role. Nobody else would have been more apt for the role of God. I feel lucky to have got to work with him. It's like an unexpected dream coming true. It's purely luck. The whole scale of the film changed after he was onboarded. His entry is going to give whistle-worthy moments. I have learned a great deal watching him for four days. He is silent-going on set and always prepares for his next scene. Learning never stops since each film is a new film.

It was at the pre-release event that I first met Ram Charan garu. His presence gave us a boost.

A song has been sung by Anirudh Ravichander. When he sings for other composers due to friendly relations, he doesn't charge any fee.

'Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam' fetched me the maximum name. I didn't do fights and dances in the movie. Many had warned me against doing 'AVAK'. I went along despite warnings because I wanted to prove myself as an actor. Nobody has so far given it negative feedback. It's my career-best performance as far as I am concerned. The film was not meant to mint huge monies. It gave me a bunch of new audiences for my films.

I was supposed to do 'HIT-2' after 'Paagal'. But producer Nani anna felt that the second part should have another hero. That's his call. Adivi Sesh's characterization is going to be different compared to how my characterization was written in 'HIT'. Probably, I will reunite with the 'HIT' franchise' in the future.

As a director, gangster drama is my kind of genre. Therefore, I don't give any input when I am doing a love story or a romantic fantasy like 'Ori Devuda'.

Great films can't be planned. They come searching for you when you least expect them. When one such film comes your way, you become a star hero! I am mentally decided that I shouldn't think too much about box-office results. 'Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi' made me realize that I should just do my work and give my best.

I am not afraid of the Diwali competition. Didn't 'Sita Ramam' and 'Bimbisara' both become blockbusters despite their release on the same day?

On upcoming movies:

The shoot of 'Das Ka Dhamki' has been completed. It is in the post-production phase and will be released in many languages. I visualized the movie as a new-age one and therefore I myself opted to wield the megaphone.

The shoot of 'Gaami', too, has been completed. It is a CG-heavy movie that is taking a lot of time for its post-production. Since the budget is less, we haven't been able to complete it fast. We shot it in Ladakh, Varanasi and other locations. I am playing a cameo in 'Mukhachitram'.

My film under the direction of Arjun garu (Action King Arjun) will go on the floors in November in Hyderabad.

I am not in a hurry with 'Falaknuma Das 2'. An idea is there and it will be a pan-India film when made. Since the film is rooted in the local Hyderabad culture, I hope it will be liked by one and all.

Another exciting project is going to come up. I will make it official in a month. I am also doing a film with producer Ram Talluri garu. A new filmmaker is going to wield the megaphone.  

Updated on October 20, 2022