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Interview of Sai Pallavi about Love Story


'Love Story' will head to the theatres on September 24. Starring Naga Chaitanya as the lead man, the film has Sai Pallavi as the female lead. In this interview, the actress talks about the film, working with Naga Chaitanya and Sekhar Kammula, her future projects, and more.

Since the characterization in 'Love Story' is very interesting, I knew that I would go for it even before I listened to the full script. Bhanumathi in 'Fidaa' came from a different station in life. She asked questions of his father. Over here, Mounica believes that she can do things on her own. To achieve something, you need to have willpower more than exceptional talent and she has got it.

The story has the element of small-town aspirations. At the same time, it is not preachy. The struggles of the lead characters have been portrayed in a fun way. We practice the two-tumbler system for a servant maid, but we don't discriminate that way someone who treats us for an ailment. 'Love Story' doesn't yell against them or protest, but raises its voice against such attitudes.

When a lot of female crew members are on set, their perspective helps. Sekhar Kammula garu understands this. Working with Kammula garu has helped me understand the value of explaining things to actors. He displays a lot of team spirit. He is as honest as his movies. His movies are an extension of his personality. He means well and wants change to happen in society.

As a co-actor, Naga Chaitanya complements his fellow actors a lot. We had a healthy sort of competition. He has been very cool and patient. He is not a night person like me.

All women in my life have faced gender-based discrimination of some sort. There is practically no woman in our society who hasn't been through it. Women are taken for granted. At least now, people are talking about these issues. At this rate, we are going to take 100 years for things to be rectified.

Films do influence our behaviour. There are a lot of people who seek legitimacy for their actions from what is shown in movies. And if a good film raises the right issues, it can also influence our thinking.

It was kind on the part of Chiranjeevi garu to say that he would like to dance with me at the pre-release event of my movie.

It's not like I have a policy of not doing remakes. But I am apprehensive about living up to the performer in the original in times of OTT and the Internet. That adds to a lot of pressure. If there are scripts that are better in some way compared to the original, then a remake would be interesting.

While shooting for the dances in 'Love Story', it was too cold. I had a lot of cramps because of the weather. It was physically tough because of the weather.

The Netflix series in which I acted earlier this year also had a caste element. As an actor, I have to take up subjects that are socially relevant. 'Love Story' doesn't show up the female lead as a victim. It's subtle and not regular. The Netflix series, on the other hand, dealt with a different set of emotions as per its own sensibilities. The approach of Kammula garu is quite different in the commercial format. 'Love Story' has satisfied my greed to convey something meaningful through my character.

I am glad that the audience see me as a Telugu woman. We shot 'Fidaa' at Banswada and 'Love Story' at Pipri. A grandma once came to me and started inquiring me about my personal life, believing that I am one of them who is their guest. The crowds were accommodative even during the pandemic. In cities, we are always work-driven. In villages, people are different. They show selfless love and are very grounded.

'Shyam Singha Roy' is in the dubbing stage. CG works are also going on. As for 'Virata Parvam', almost the entire shoot is over.  

Updated on September 22, 2021