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I always knew 'Gaalodu' will be a sure-shot hit: Director Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla


Sudigali Sudheer's 'Gaalodu' is a hit as per the makers. In his latest interview, director Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla said that he always knew the film's box-office potential. He talks about Sudheer, his plans to work with Rashmi Gautam and more.

I had anticipated the success of 'Gaalodu' owing to its commercial content. Before becoming a director, I worked under different commercial directors and their films were successful at the box office without an exception.

I have been a dialogue writer as well. If the pace of the story drops, I fix the issue through dialogues. I have been a ghostwriter for the most part of my career. I always knew that I will score a hit as a director someday.

Some scenes and dialogues in 'Gaalodu' have received a whopping response. The dances and fights have been lauded as well. I and Sudheer have got a very good rapport with each other. I will do my next with him once a bounded script is ready.

My journey with Sudheer began with 'Software Sudheer', which was a commercial hit. It didn't get the required limelight because other films occupied the headlines. I distributed that movie in the Andhra area and made profits. 'Gaalodu' should have been my first film, ideally. The stories of both films were greenlit at the first instance. I have realized that Sudheer enjoys a lot of craze. The second film with him was planned with that awareness.

Rashmi Gautam was offered both films. But she couldn't do them due to dates issues. I will team up with her soon.

Without content, no amount of richness can save a film. These days, audiences want entertainment. I am glad that 'Gaalodu' has been appreciated by one and all.

Updated on November 22, 2022