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Everything said and shown in 'Baby' has a purpose: Anand Deverakonda


Anand Deverakonda says that 'Baby' is the result of a unique perspective about love brought to the fore by writer-director Sai Rajesh. Ahead of the film's big release this Friday, Anand can't be more excited. "We haven't revealed the crux of the story so far. You will have to see it on the big screen," the 'Pushpaka Vimanam' actor says, adding that 'Baby' comes with fresh presentation. The film hits the cinemas this July 14. "The trailer hasn't revealed the storyline at all," Anand says.

'Baby' is my first full-blown commercial film. My previous outings had me in concept stories. Thanks to the trailer of 'Baby', the paid premiere shows on July 13 are receiving a thumping response from the audience. Tickets are getting sold like anything.

As an actor, 'Baby' has given me the utmost creative gratification. I am so badly missing being on its set. I got to learn a lot from director Sai Rajesh. I hope this film will go down as one of the most special outings in my career.

While we are describing 'Baby' as a highly intense and emotional subject, there is more to the treatment. It's so real and natural. The film explores the experience called first love, which is about falling in love with someone because of beauty, external appearance, and surface-level behaviour. 'Baby' explores the same. First love is deathless. While initially we are attracted to the person's beauty, a life-long relationship is not possible without genuine attachment and emotion.

This film can't be compared with 'Prema Desam' (Abbas, Vineeth and Tabu-starrer), which was more playful. Feel-wise, we are in the 'Premisthe', '7/G Brindavan Colony' territory. I and Viraj Ashwin's character don't know each other.

The title 'Baby' has a thought behind it. The same is explained through a scene. Moreover, baby is a word a lot of us use to address our girlfriends.

Nothing is unexplained in the movie. If Vaishnavi's character takes to fashion (as shown in the trailer), that's because she is egged on by a strong inner urge. There is a lyric that refers to her urge to look good and enjoy creature comforts. She is a brilliant actress, I must say. After 'Baby', she will emerge as a sought-after performer. There are long scenes between us. Since she knows Telugu, her varied reactions were natural. That's why I enjoyed working with her. Hers is a tricky character.

For a film like this to work, the performances and music have to be solid. Thanks to Vijay Bulganin, the songs and background score are affecting. Thanks to our director's intense engagement with his technicians, the output is awesome. Bal Reddy's cinematography is going to be another highlight.

I studied in a boys' boarding school. After returning to Hyderabad, it took me two years to move freely with girls.

Honestly speaking, I haven't had a theatrical hit. 'Baby' is going to be special that way. This film came my way even before 'Middle Class Melodies'. Since then, the story started playing in the back of my mind.

Producer SKN planned a movie with me while doing 'Taxiwala' with Vijay. I was nobody back then. He sounds like a pakka commercial producer but he actually believes in content.

The climax is where the film conveys what it wants to convey. The shoot was begun with the climax shoot. Its intensity is what convinced me that my director's vision is strong.

The run-time is almost 170 minutes. Sometimes, even a 2-hour film looks too lengthy. 'Arjun Reddy' was almost 180 minutes long. 'RRR' was longish. We never complained about their run-time. 'Baby', too, will not seem lengthy. It had to be that long because there is a lot we are telling about the three primary characters. The perspectives of my character, Vaishnavi's and Viraj's had to be conveyed thoroughly.

We spent the last 6 months improving the quality of technical output, especially RR and music. We didn't want to rush through and release 'Baby' in Summer for the sake of it. The shoot was never hurried through either. The focus was only on quality.

Updated on July 12, 2023