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Jayanth C Paranjee’s Love 4 Ever details

Jayanth C Paranjee, the director known for his hits like ‘Preminchukundam Ra’, ‘Premante Idhera’, ‘Bavagaru Bagunnara’, ‘Eeshwar’, ‘Takkari Donga’, ‘Shankar Dada MBBS’ and ‘Lakshmi Narasimha’ is now coming up up with his latest film ‘Love 4 Ever’. Being produced under Laughing Waters Entertainment, the shooting of this film has been completed.

On this occasion director Jayanth C Paranjee said, “We shot 4 songs in New Zealand under Brinda master’s choreography and also few scenes involving the lead pair and completed 75% of shooting in New Zealand. We completed the entire shooting part with Hyderabad and Mumbai schedules. ‘Delhi Belly’ fame Ram Sampath gave six super hit songs for this film. His music is an asset to our film. Another special attraction for this film is Deepika Padukone’s song. ‘Love 4 Ever’ is an interesting love story on the backdrop of grape gardens. We have searched a lot to cast the hero and heroine for this film. We have finally selected the girl named Mridula after doing screen test for 400 girls. We choose her for the heroine’s character because she had the innocence of teenage girls in her face. Mridula did 3-4 Hindi films as child artist but hero Randeep is facing the camera for the first time. We are showing love in a new angle. I wanted to convey my opinion about love to the audience through this film. All my earlier films were made with stories written as per the hero and heroine’s images. However ‘Love 4 Ever’ came from my heart. The basic story is mine. It’s a sensitive love story that happened between two pure hearts. This movie has given me immense satisfaction as a director. Jayanan Vincent’s camera work is excellent. Jayanan Vincent, who settled in Canada came to India to work for this film after being inspired by this love story. He earlier got two Nandi awards for my films ‘Premante Idhera’ and ‘Takkari Donga’ and he is sure to get his third Nandi award for his excellent work in ‘Love 4 Ever’. We are planning to release the audio by December end and the film in February on the eve of Valentine’s Day. The film is being simultaneously made in Telugu and Hindi. ‘Love 4 Ever’ is sure to be a happy project from all aspects.”

Cast: Randeep, Mridula, Deepika Padukone, Farida Jalal, Jayanth Kriplani, CVL, Nithin Nayyer, etc.

Story: Anvita Dutt, Jayanth C Paranjee; Dialogues & songs: Rehaman; Music: Ram Sampath; Camera: Jayanan Vincent; Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh; Art: Krishna Maya; Dances: Brinda, Ahmed Khan; Executive Producers: Sumanth C Paranjee, Anjala Zaveri; Producer: NVK; Screenplay & direction: Jayanth C Paranjee.