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First Hyderabadi film to be shot in America

The word used for Hyderabadi films is Deccan films. Though few hundreds of films were made, they all are limited to Hyderabad. Prominent production and distribution house Rajshree Productions has released first Hyderabadi Landmark Film ‘Dawat-E-Shaadi’ and it became big success and reached all sects of audience. Now, people have started to make medium budget films in Dollywood. Syed Hussain, who bagged a super success with ‘Dawat-E-Shaadi’, is gearing up to start another film titled ‘Saleem Jahangir in America’ as his third film.

With the blessings of Iftekhar Shareef, Art Spot and Live Vision Entertainment (America) banners are jointly producing the film in association with Dollywood Films banner.

Dollywood Star heroes like Mast Ali and Aziz Naser will play title roles. To announce the film’s details, the makers have arranged press meet. Director Syed Hussain, Iftekhar Shareef and actors Mast Ali and Aziz Naser were present at the press meet.

Director Syed Hussain said, “‘Dawat-E-Shaadi’ which was released with the blessings of my guru Iftekhar Shareef has become big success. With that inspiration, we are going to start another film ‘Saleem Jahangir in America’. Almost 50% shooting will take place in America. ‘Saleem Jahangir in America’ will stand out forever as first ever Hyderabadi film to be shot in America. I wish audience will encourage this film like our earlier film.”

On this occasion, Iftekhar Shareef said, “Telugu audience are encouraging Dollywood films. From now on, only good films will come from our Dollywood banner. I request everyone to encourage all our films and give us strength to make many more good films in future. I wish ‘Saleem Jahangir in America’ will also become big success like our earlier film ‘Dawat-E-Shaadi’.”

Mast Ali and Aziz Naser thanked audience thanked the audience for encouraging them. They requested everyone to make their upcoming film ‘Saleem Jahangir in America’ also a big success.