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Dil Raju unveils 'Adbutham', a well-meaning novel


'Adbutham' is a Telugu-language novel penned by writer Vasantha Kiran. Dealing with the question of what makes a good society and whether we are bequeathing a sane society to the next generation, it was today unveiled by ace Telugu film producer Dil Raju.

Speaking on the occasion, Vasantha Kiran thanked Dil Raju for releasing the novel on his hands. "I wanted to make this story into a film. I wrote the novel with that intention in mind. But before it could be made into a feature film, 'Adbutham' is coming out in the form of a novel. I thank Sathya Kashi Bhargava, my friend and National Award-winning film producer for advising me that the story is better told as a novel," the writer added.

He also thanked his fellow travellers Hari and Tirupathi, who are his friends.

'Adbutham' will soon be turned into a movie.