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Akshay Kumar spoils Allu Arjun's headline-hogging decision!


On Wednesday, a rumour went out that Allu Arjun has rejected an endorsement offer owing to his principles. The offer pertains to an unnamed pan masala brand. The news was embraced by even North Indians. Anshul Saxena, who commands nearly 1 million followers on Twitter, praised Bunny and asked Bollywood stars to learn from him. He wrote, "Tollywood Actor Allu Arjun was offered a large payment for an endorsement by a Pan Masala brand, but he rejected the offer. This is what Bollywood actors Ajay Devgan, Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar need to learn from him."

Everything was going fine until Akshay Kumar, out of the blue, announced that he is stepping back as the brand ambassador for a pan masala brand. As a result of the decision, the 'Sooryavanshi' actor is trending all over and dominating headlines on Thursday. He not only apologized for endorsing the brand but also declared that he would be using the fee from the controversial endorsement towards a worthy cause.

The decision has been welcomed and praised by the Bollywood media.

It's ironic that someone who did an Ad is getting more attention than someone who never did an Ad on the ground of principles.