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After 'Jersey', another 'hit' remake in Hindi set to be a flop


The Hindi remake of Nani's 'Jersey' became a flop earlier this year. Now, the Hindi remake of Vishwak Sen's 'HIT: The First Case' may also be flopping at the Bollywood box-office. Dil Raju is one of the producers of both films.

As per the latest reports, the mystery thriller, headlined by Rajkummar Rao, minted just about Rs. 1.40 Cr on Friday (Day 1) at the Indian box-office. This is a low figure.

The Sailesh Kolanu-directed thriller has received mixed reviews, with star-ratings as low as 1.5 and as high as 3. Hindustan Times lauded Rajkummar Rao for bringing his "A-game in this gripping, edge-of-the-seat thriller".

On the other hand, Indian Express described the remake as a lackluster film that leaves Rajkummar Rao hanging. "Somewhere in this disjointed narrative lies an intriguing mystery, but it gets lost in the lackluster telling, and the superficial characterization," the review added.

The Print didn't find any point in doing a shot-by-shot remake. "It is hard to say Sailesh Kolanu in any way justified the need to Bollywood-ise his missing person mystery, as he simply amplifies his original’s contrived missteps, often sapping the remake of even the basic thrills his previous film had to offer," the critic wrote.