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OTT: Producers of blockbusters like 'Kalki' given a bonus!


'Kalki 2898 AD' is poised to gross more than Rs 1000 Cr. Its OTT rights were sold for a bomb. And if the film breaks into the one thousand crore club, it is going to earn a bonus amount from Amazon Prime Video.

This is a privilege blockbuster movies like 'Animal' and 'Kalki' will stand to benefit from for the foreseeable future.

The rumour is that Studio Green and UV Creations have been told by a streaming giant that their film 'Kanguva' will be eligible for a bonus if it grosses Rs 500 Cr at the box office. The target is too hard but you never know.

Is bonus payment limited to mega grossers? Not so. When medium-range movies like 'Premalu', 'Manjummel Boys' and 'HanuMan' do extremely well, they too stand to benefit.

In the coming months, the likes of 'Devara', 'Pushpa 2', 'OG', 'Indian 2' and 'Vishwambhara' will look forward to earning bonus payments.