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Single screens to be shut down in Telangana


Starting this May 17, single screen theatres in Telangana will not be operating for about 10 days. If anything, they are going to stop working until the end of this month.

As per confirmed reports on Wednesday, the above decision has been taken by the Telangana Theatres Association in view of the absence of movies with a crowd-pulling ability this Summer.

April was a spectacularly dull month in terms of footfalls. The situation has only deteriorated in May, especially with the election fever and the IPL fever gobbling up whatever little potential small films could have had in attracting the audience to theatres.

With no notable releases coming up until Vishwak Sen's 'Gangs Of Godavari' on May 31, theatres are going to be shut down. Multiplexes will continue to operate.

This week, Getup Srinu's 'Raju Yadav' is the only news-worthy release in theatres. To be sure, this tragicomedy drama has little to no potential to save single screens. This explains the reason why the Association took the decision to shut down theatres temporarily to save on costs.