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Srikanth Addala Interview


Srikanth Addala’s film Brahmotsavam staring Mahesh Babu is just around the corner for release. While many are waiting for the film and to see how it will fare, the director is confident that Brahmotsavam will do well and will be liked by all. A small chit chat with the director about Brahmotsavam...

Brahmotsavam has taken longer time than expected?
The cast of the film is a huge one. Coordinating with them was not an easy job. Some scenes need all the stars and getting their dates was not easy.

How is this film different from SVSC?
In SVSC it was a middle class family. Here its a rich family. There also it dealt with emotions and brothers were involved. Here too emotions are involved but its about a family in Vijayawada.

Tell us about Mahesh Babu in Brahmotsavam... any major change?
Mahesh is getting better and better with every film that I direct him in. In SVSC he was good now he is amazing. He has evolved as an actor and more importantly as a person. He is so humble and just does what he is told to do. This actor has such a positive attitude that he is a joy to work with.

Brahmotsavam...why this title?
I got this title when I watching Bhakti Channel one day. They mentioned something about Brahmostavam. Celebrations are always equated with festivals. And the highest form of celebration is always about gods.

Generally your film don’t have a storyline and the characters do not have names?
My films are about how people behave in some situations. That itself makes a beautiful story. When I write a story I don’t think of names. I have been asked this before but I have no answers. No one addresses me by my name, neither do I call anyone by name.

Tell us about Thota Tharani?
His work is one of the highlights in this film. I did not know much about him, but now I just love him work. His art work is really great. He has very good knowledge and is a highly disciplined person.

Future Projects?
I will be working on different kinds of feel good films. Similar films again and again might bore the audience.

Updated on April 21, 2020