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Exclusive Interview of Sreekanth Addala about 'Narappa' Success


Director Sreekanth Addala has hit home with 'Narappa', starring Venkatesh in the lead. Streaming on Amazon Prime, the movie has Priyamani, Karthik Ratnam, Rakhi and others in key roles.Read on to know what Addala has to say about the reception to the movie and how difficult it was to make it.

Our film is receiving a positive response from everyone. Venkatesh garu has played not just a physical role but also a very emotional character in the film. Hats off to him!

Everyone has done a great job as a performer. When I saw Rakhi deliver dialogues in the presence of Venkatesh garu with so much ease, I knew he would get positive reviews. I had watched him in a short film. D Suresh Babu garu, too, felt that he would fit the bill. Rajeev Kanakala garu is a versatile actor and has proved himself over and over again.

I knew that everyone was spot-on even during the making of the film. But the rushes turned out to be even more effective. Venkatesh garu has told me that our efforts have paid off. The response is overwhelming and we are on cloud nine.

After the release of the movie, the first feedback I received was from a childhood friend. He asked me to relax because the movie would be lapped up by one and all.

The dialogues had to be heart-touching for a movie of this nature. The dialogues are hardly satirical. The characters speak their mind. I didn't use humour or satire because the subject is a serious one. Although 'Narappa' is a remake, we had to adapt it to the Telugu nativity where required. I explained the scenes in detail to the artists. Priyamani garu is a National Award winner, no less. She would ask me if she needs to improve and I would say that she is insuperable.

'Asuran' is a great movie. We wanted to translate its emotions and flavour without tinkering with the core. We never compromised on the sanctity of the subject.

I am yet to converse with Tamil director Vertri Maaran, the maker of the original, after Narappa's release. I am going to meet with Venkatesh garu and Suresh Babu garu soon.

The sand fight was shot in the scorching heat. By then, we had shot the movie for 46 days. It was exhausting for Venkatesh garu. But he and everyone else gave their best. Cinematographer Sam K Naidu garu was dedicated completely. Editor Marthand K Venkatesh garu is super-talented and I have teamed up with him repeatedly. He boosted me throughout the making phase.

Both soft movies like 'SVSC' and raw ones like 'Narappa' are quite challenging. It's not an easy job to bring out emotions in either genre. 'SVSC' had no violence at all. The inner churn of the characters had to be brought out. 'Narappa' is about the social suffocation of an individual, and how he becomes violent due to the circumstances.

My next film will be 'Annai', which will be produced by Geetha Arts. It will be a trilogy.  

Updated on July 20, 2021