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Jahapana – Press Meet

Lalitha Sri Combines is all set to launch a film titled ‘Jahapana’ by introducing Sashi Preetham as director. Sri Kruthi is the presenter. R V Ramana Murthy provided the story. A press meet was held today in Hyderabad in which writer Ramana Murthy, dialogues and lyrics writer Kedarinath and Sashi Preetham participated.

According to director Sashi Preetham, 90% of the script work and songs is complete. “I’m very impressed with the way Ramana Murthy garu is desperate to tell the world some truths in the history, he said.

Writer Raman Murthy said, “I worked for many documentary films and feature films in the past which were musical hits. I worked very hard for two years to pen the story of ‘Jahapana’. Sashi Preetham is an energetic music director who is going to direct this film. All technicians are seniors. The selection of artists is going on currently. We are choosing aptly suitable senior artists for the character roles. Though M S Reddy garu gave me a story before his death, I’m not using that. I wanted to utilize ‘’Jahapana’ for which I worked hard for two full years. This story tells the bonding between father and son, son and his lover and his lover and the king. We are going to portray this story on the screen in such a manner that reminds us of human values and culture.”

The story of ‘Jahapana’ is based on some truths of 400 years ago. It is the love story of a prince and a beautiful village girl in 16th century. The entire story revolves around two prominent characters – King Ibrahim, Prince Kuli and his lover Bhagavathy. The first shooting schedule will begin in January 2nd week.

Story and direction supervision: R V Ramana Murthy; Lyrics and dialogues: Kedarinath Parimi; Music and direction: Sashi Preetham.