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Many more films like 'Mission 2020' should be made: Minister V Srinivas Goud


'Mission 2020', starring Naveen Chandra, Naga Babu and Jayaprakash, is touted to be a message-oriented film. Directed by Karanam Babji of 'Mental Police' and 'Operation 2019' fame, its trailer was released on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion of its trailer launch, Telangana Minister V Srinivas Goud said that technology has become a double-edged sword. "Nowadays, children have access to mobile phones. And we elders can never say what he is doing with the mobile phone. It's often alleged that films lead to crime incidence in society. If films also portray the consequences of crimes, it would be an eye-opener," the Minister said.

The event was also attended by Hyderabad CP VC Sajjanar, who said that thanks to technological advancement, the whole world has become a small village. "Children have easy access to smartphones. Technology-enabled crimes are on the rise because of the rampant penetration and use of technology. The widespread popularity of social media is also rendering us vulnerable. For the cleaning-up of the muck, it's essential for society as a whole to course-correct," the Commissioner of Police said.

The film also features Satya Prakash, Ajay Ratnam, Dil Ramesh, Kotesh Manava and others. Cinematography is by Venkat Prasad. Edtiting is by SB Uddhav. Art direction is by JK Murthy. Fights are by Sindhooram Satish, Y Ravi. Dances are by Ganesh Master.