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When ANR tried to destroy Jamuna's career


Yesteryear actress Jamuna passed away recently. Ever since, YouTubers have been talking about the phase when the actress was boycotted by ANR and NTR, the two biggest superstars of her time.

On several occasions, Jamuna revealed that ANR disliked her because she would not show reverence to him. "I used to sit cross-legged in his presence like I used to do in the presence of everyone else. NTR didn't mind it. But ANR had issues with my behaviour. He stopped working with me, making several allegations. ANR had this tendency to influence producers. On the other hand, NTR didn't interfere with his producers' casting choices. Eventually, however, ANR influenced NTR to boycott me altogether," Jamuna once said.

Jamuna didn't act opposite ANR and NTR for three years as a result. The duration may mean nothing in today's times when big stars hardly do 2-3 films in three years, but in the black-and-white era, it was huge.

Jamuna shifted her focus upon being dumped by the two star heroes. With two of the biggest stars ditching her, she decided to encourage new actors like Haranath, Ramana Murthy and Krishna. "I made stars out of the likes of Haranath by acting with them," Jamuna once said. "My female-centric films worked at the box-office and even distributors started saying that Jamuna is both heroine and hero," Jamuna once said.

Eventually, thanks to Chakrapani and KV Reddy, both ANR and NTR buried the hatchet with Jamuna by letting her do 'Gundamma Katha' with them. The film turned out to be a classic.