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'Bedurulanka 2012': 'Vennello Aadapilla' piques desire!


Kartikeya Gummakonda's 'Bedurulanka 2012', a dramedy starring 'DJ Tillu' fame Neha Sshetty as the heroine, is in the news over the release of a song titled 'Vennello Aadapilla'. The romantic melody, composed with nimble ability by Mani Sharma, has been shot on the lead pair.

Crooned by Harika Narayan and JV Sudhanshu, the song's lyrics written by Kittu Vissapragada are drawn from the lead pair's quest for a pleasurable night. The theme gets a scenic backdrop in the form of the Godavari and the moonlight.

In the film's teaser, we saw how the hero is addicted to cigarettes. He promises to give it up if he finds something more exciting, which is a euphemism for a romantic encounter with his girlfriend. 'Vennello Aadapilla' seems to be an extension of that scene.

Director Clax and producer Ravindra Banerjee Muppaneni have worked with Ajay Ghosh, 'Auto' Ram Prasad, Srikanth Iyengar, Raj Kumar Basireddy, Goparaju Ramana and others. The film's release date will be announced soon.