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Sequels become Tollywood's stupidest obsession


This week's two releases, 'Skanda' and 'Peddha Kapu', are going to have sequels. In the climax of 'Skanda', it is made evident that 'Skanda 2' is going to be about a new Ram Pothineni character. As for 'Peddha Kapu 2', it will be about how Virat Karrna's rise and rule is going to change the fate of his village. Probably, Srikanth Addala plans to show him becoming a Minister in the second part.

The above are not the only releases that are going to have sequels. If the audience are unlucky, they are going to witness 'Chandramukhi 3'. P Vasu doesn't need a story to make the third part. He just needs to repeat the scenes of 'Chandramukhi' (2005) with a new set of actors who are unfortunate enough to work with him. That's what he has done in 'Chandramukhi 2'.

Nowadays, even films nobody cares about are being concluded with a lead to a sequel. In recent weeks, at least two small releases did so: 'Mistake' and 'Ashtadigbandhanam'. If the audience don't run out of their bad luck, they might see sequels to films like 'Mark Antony' and other Tamil movies, too.

Directors have started to see sequels as tantalizing. They trick the audience into believing that their movies are more than what they have to offer. Nobody knows how bad or good the second part is going to be. What is important is to make the viewer believe in some mystery.