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Vijay Deverakonda's is a 360-degree character in 'Family Star': Makers


Ahead of the release of 'Family Star on April 5, the core team of the movie interacted with the media on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, Dil Raju said that his film enjoys a positive vibe. "This film began as a small idea. Director Parasuram Petla knows the record of my banner when it comes to family-friendly movies. In every family, there is a star. That person is the pillar of support. They help everyone in the family grow. We are an emotional lot in India. We bond strongly with our families. Vijay Deverakonda's characterization in 'Family Star' is the backbone of the story. It is a 360-degree character that loves, hates, thrashes others, gets thrashed, is dramatic and more! This character is tailor-made for him. For Mrunal Thakur, this is going to be another blockbuster like 'Sita Ramam' and 'Hi Nanna'. 'Family Star' is not a 'Shatamanam Bhavathi'. There is a beautiful love story. There are fights and tiffs between the hero-heroine duo. Seventy percent of the film is their love story. The remaining thirty percent is family drama," the producer added. He said that his first film as a producer, 'Dil', was released on April 5 (back in 2003). "The date has always been special to me. 'Family Star' is about the importance of family values," he said.

Mrunal Thakur said, "I thank everyone for showering me with so much love. 'Family Star' is a beautiful story that reflects life. It is about relationships, achievements, struggles, hard work. We rarely talk about the person who motivates us to push our horizons. 'Family Star' is about celebrating our heroes in our families. Vijay was so helpful during the making of the film."

Vijay said, "In each family, there is a hero. My character in 'Family Star' is a hero to his family members. In my real life, my father is a hero. Parasuram wrote the story of this film based on his life experiences. My name in this film is the same as my father's name in real life. It helped me with getting into the right mood. Although I liked the skeletal idea narrated by Parasuram, I didn't give the nod until the script was ready. This is also the first time that I received advance money from a producer."