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Brahmanandam on Alludu Seenu


Money alone cannot make you a Hero. You need to have full-fledged qualities like glamour, height and personality in addition to the most important qualities like hard work, dedication and commitment. If you have all these you qualities, you can excel in any field and Bellamkonda Srinivas is an example. With his Dance, Fights and Acting skill, he has impressed the senior actors like Prakash Raj and Brahmanandam. Inspite of this being his first film, he got good appreciations from seniors and prominent people in the industry for his ease in every department.

Young producer Bellamkonda Ganesh has made the high budget film ‘ALLUDU SEENU’ with Bellamkonda Srinivas (son of Bellamkonda Suresh) and gorgeous Samanta in the lead roles under the banner Sri Lakshminarasimha productions. Star Director VV Vinayak has taken the responsibility of directing the new hero. Already the audio which is composed by Devi Sri Prasad is a grand success and the music lovers are enjoying it. The film is releasing worldwide on 25th of July and it has already set huge expectations both in the Industry and the audience. We will see star comedian Brahmanandam in the role of ‘Dimple’ in this film. Here are the extracts of the updates provided by Brahmanandam on the film ‘Alludu Seenu’.

In my opinion, all the credit goes to the director!!

“As an actor, my work is to follow the director’s instructions. After the release, if the audience likes my character.. they say that I have done a wonderful role. But not many will remember the efforts of the director who guide us and teach us on how to act in each and every scene. For me, the complete credit goes to the director”, said senior comedian Brahmandam. In all his films, his characterization and character names will be very different like the recent roles Mc Donald Murthy, Kill Bill Pandey. He impresses the audience with these kind of entertaining and different roles. In this ‘Alludu Seenu’ which is releasing on 25th, his character name is ‘Dimple’. Even though he is busy in the shooting of Jr.NTRs ‘Rabhasa’, Brahmanandam has spent few minutes with the reporters to provide updates on ‘Alludu Seenu’.

For VV Vinayak, it is easy to make films with commercial heros but it is very difficult and risky to make films with a new comer. He made this film taking a lot of risk, but with confidence. He has taken the responsibility of introducing Bellamkonda Srinivas who is the son of the producer who has given him a new life as a director. Vinayak has crafted my character (Dimple) too with a great dedication, it will be very different compared to my earlier films. Prakasah raj is playing a dual role in this film and I play an assistant to one of his roles.

The film was made lavishly!!

Some people will born as actors and Samantha falls into that league. She has done a fabulous job. Devi Sri Prasad's music don’t need a special mention. He is awesome asusual. The Photography of Chota K Naidu is brilliant, it will make you feel like a Hollywood movie. With all these best in the business crew, Bellamkonda Suresh has made this film without compromising on any aspect. In the beginning, I asked Suresh, what is this title ‘Alludu Seenu’?. But he said that everyone is aware of the names ‘Amma Rajasekhar’, ‘Tammudu Satyam’ and Seenu is a common name which everyone is aware of and our story revolves around ‘Alludu’, therefore the name ‘Alludu Seenu’.

And coming to Bellamkonda Srinivas, I don’t know where he has learned the dance,, fights and acting, he has done everything with ease. He has worked with the senior actors without any fear and we were astonished. With ‘Alludu Seenu’, he will establish himself as a star hero.

will try to do justice to my character!!

For the question’ ‘In the recent days, it is said that the success of the films rests on the shoulders of Brahmanandam’s characterization, what is your comment?’. He responded saying…. “For some luck come in their way in the beginning and later on they survive with their talent. But after sometime, success will haunt you. All I know is.. to do justice whatever role I play. It is just happening. To cut short it, it is just God's grace. I won’t bother much; I treat the failure and success equally. I just follow what the director says and involve deep into the character and try to impress the audience.”, said Brahmanandam.