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Posani refuses to accept Nandi Awards


Nandi awards woes seem to continue. Today actor Posani Krishna Murali said that he is rejecting the award which was announced for his supporting role in the film Temper.

Posani is angered that AP Minister Lokesh commented that people who have no voter id or Aadhar card in Andhra Pradesh are criticizing the government, sitting in Telangana.

The actor came strongly on Lokesh and said that Minister Lokesh should know that Hyderabad will remain the common capital city for both AP and Telangana till 2024. Lokesh and his father left Hyderabad for some reasons and are questioning them now. He also asked that if Aadhar Card or Voter ID is necessary to question the injustice that is happening to them.

Posani also demanded that the already announced list of awards should be scraped and new committee should be set to select eligible winners.