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Director SV Krishna Reddy unveils teaser for 'Cherasala'


'Cherasala' is a feel-good love story that tells what should be the relationship between a husband and a wife be like. Starring Sujith, Ram Prakash Gunnam, Nishkala and Shilpa Das, the film is directed by Ram Prakash Gunnam. Produced by Maddineni Suresh Sudha Rai, the film's teaser was released today at an event held with SV Krishna Reddy as the chief guest.

Speaking on the occasion, SV Krishna Reddy said, "The making values of 'Cherasala' are quite good. It's because of the liberty that the producers gave to the director that the output is this well."

Film Chamber secretary Prasanna Kumar said, "I have watched the movie. Even though the team is new, they have done a great job. I wish the producers, who have given a platform to newcomers, all the best."

Producers Achanta Gopinath and Basireddy said, "A lot of small horror movies have become successful these days. I hope 'Cherasala' will join the league."

The director said that the story of 'Cherasala' has been told from the auidence's point of view. Producer Sudha Rai said, "When Ram Prakash narrated the story, we were thoroughly impressed. We have shot the film in beautiful locations. The output has exceeded our expectations."

Cinematography is by Ram Prakash Gunnam. He has also taken care of screenplay and direction. Story and dialogues are by Phanindra Bharadwaj. Music is by Shankar Tamiri.