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Ranbir Kapoor's fans invoke 'Anjaam' to defend 'Animal'


'Anjaam' (Hindi), the romantic psychological thriller, was released in theatres in 1994. Why are we mentioning it at a time when 'Animal' has been the talk of the town?

That's because a section of Ranbir Kapoor's fans on social media are quarreling with Shah Rukh Khan's fans for saying that 'Animal' resorts to cheap ideas (read violence and strong language) to mint money. A Wikipedia entry of 'Anjaam' shows that the SRK film was worse. "The film is about a woman facing the brunt of her obsessive lover. It also focuses on the atrocities committed against women. Madhuri Dixit plays the protagonist and Shah Rukh Khan Khan plays the antagonist," the post says.

"In 'Anjaam', SRK kills deers, runs his car over people on the footpath and beats the girl he likes," a Twitter user reminded.

That said, there is a difference between 'Anjaam' and 'Animal'. "To be fair, 'Anjaam' and 'Darr' did not exactly glorify the negative traits. 'Baazigar' did to some extent though, with Kajol feeling sympathy for the guy who killed her father and her innocent sister," a Netizen analyzed.