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After 'Animal' event, Netizens sympathize with RGV


What has Ram Gopal Varma got to do with 'Animal', you ask? At Monday's pre-release event of 'Animal', SS Rajamouli invoked RGV as a maverick of sorts. Ever since, cinephiles have been extending condolences to the diminished stature of a once-great filmmaker.

In his speech, the 'RRR' maker suggested that RGV is a once-in-a-generation filmmaker who not only shook the audience and the cine industry but also proved his mettle by setting aside all the received wisdom pertaining to movie-making. "In my generation, I can think of Ram Gopal Varma who has done that. He ignored the set norms and carved a path of his own. Sandeep Reddy Vanga is another such filmmaker of our times," Rajamouli said, praising the 'Arjun Reddy' maker.

Soon after the speech by the 'Baahubali' maker, several movie buffs on social media tagged Varma and asked him to realize what a great filmmaker he once was. "This is your range. Even Rajamouli believes you are a legend," a fan wrote.

The sentiment is understandable. From a world-class filmmaker in the 1990s, Varma today is a mere shadow of his former self. He is now making mediocre, agenda-driven, intentionally conspiratorial and politically motivated movies.