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Natti Kumar speaks on 'Disha Encounter' controversy


'Disha Encounter', conceived by Ram Gopal Varma, has landed in a controversy. Disha's father, Sridhar Reddy, has moved the Telangana High Court seeking a ban on the film.

In this regard, presenter Natti Kumar has said that the makers have no intention to hurt anybody's sentiments. He said that all legalities have been adhered to in making the film. "A film has to be seen as one. Our movie is not a biopic on Disha. Our intention is to say through 'Disha Encounter' that atrocities on women must end. We haven't consulted Disha's parents so far. We are going ahead with the film's release on November 26," the presenter said.

He said that the High Court's order will be respected by the makers. Natti Kumar added that, so far, the Censor Board hasn't informed them anything. "We have shown the truth as it is in the movie. The run time is 110 minutes," Natti Kumar added.