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'Rana Naidu': Venkatesh takes a U-Turn after feedback


When 'Rana Naidu' was released on Netflix in March this year, many found it somewhat vulgar. At that time, Rana Daggubati didn't agree with the view that the web series had betrayed the family audience by casting Venkatesh in a semi-adult show filled with sexual content and cuss words.  

As per Rana, cribbing about the adult content in 'Rana Naidu' was pointless when, all along, the makers had been saying that it must be watched alone and not with one's family. In just the first two episodes, there were references/visuals alluding to BJ and rough sex.

While Rana lectured the critics, Venkatesh seems to have taken a U-Turn. At today's 'Saindhav' event, Venky commented that the first season of the web series did offend some people and that he would tone down in the second season. "I have listened to your feedback. This time, I will be careful," Venky told the crowds.

Isn't this an indication that Rana and Venky are not on the same page? Will Rana now say that the first season overdid boldness?